• Receives and handles reports of unfair requests and irregularities using the position of employees.
  • In principle, real-name registration is handled in a private manner.
  • However, if the report is made anonymously, the investigation may not be conducted or the processing result may not be notified.
  • We inform you that the Cyber Audit Office does not accept and process reports that are not related to the corruption of employees.
  • If you have any complaints or inquiries regarding housing, please contact the customer center.
  • Hyundai E&C Hillstate Customer Center


Types of information to be reported

  • Money and valuables acceptance
  • Abuse of authority
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Business favors
  • Embezzlement and theft
  • Leakage of confidential information
  • Others (Violation of other ethical codes)

Privacy Protection

  • Confidentiality Guarantee
    Making the identity of the report filer public or alluding to their identity without prior consent is prohibited.
  • Guarantee of person's status
    We provide protection against retaliation or discrimination in business transactions or from related departments based filing of reports, statements or documents.
  • Exemption from responsibility
    Should erros or fault by report filer be uncovered in the process of examination, disciplinary action against them may be reduced or exempted.